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ToshokanBiyori app for iPhone and iPad

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Lifestyle Book
Developer: hiKnowledge Software
Current version: 1.4.6, last update: 1 year ago
First release : 28 Aug 2015
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"Toshokan Biyori" is an application that allows library of books search and reservation.
It supports 5000 and more libraries in Japan.

Easy to use 3 steps.

   1. Lets register the library to be used usually in the "libraries (図書館)"
   2. Locate the book you want to read in the "library search", lets registration to the " want to read list (読みたいリスト)"
   3. Lets manage the book that has been registered in the "want to read list (読みたいリスト)"

* If you registered in the list you want to read ...
- You can manage it "want to read list (読みたいリスト)" that is "reserved" and "borrowed", "read" status.
- The reserved date and receipt date, receive library, return deadline, you can register and memo.
- You can return deadline to display the alert you approach. (In conjunction with a default calendar of your iPhone)
- You can search books by title, authors name, publisher name, text, notes, and more.

* thing also
- The above status Apart from, it can be managed by the tag.
- Books that could not be searched can be registered in the list you want to read manually.
- Book your impressions I can Tweet. You can see the book details from the posted Tweet.
- Since it supports the URL scheme can be launched from Safari and launcher application.
- You will want more to go to the library (^ _-)

* your questions and requests destination
Twitter: hiroto_jp

- This application is compatible with later iOS 7.1.
- This application is a network connection is required. (WiFi recommended)
- It is required registration of Twitter account setting app in iOS to Tweet.
- Book search of this application takes advantage of the Rakuten Books API.
- Library search and library books search of this application takes advantage of the Calil API.
- Please use the ID, password automatic input function of this application at your own risk.
- Any loss due to the use of this application, for damages, the author assumes no responsibility.